January 19th, 2017


The COF-1000 by ChemInstruments

Once your label or sleeve is printed, it’s vital that it can be adhered to its container, whether that’s a bottle, canister, or can. With its recent upgrade to the ChemInstruments Coefficient of Friction Machine, Genflex is able to test each unsupported label it prints for its static and kinetic coefficient of friction. This data will tell the third-party packer or bottler you utilize how well the label or sleeve will move through its equipment in the bottling or canning process. Rest assured, with this machine the label we print is sure to move easily through the machinery that will finish your packaging. This ensures your product finishes the production process on time and on budget.

With this equipment, Genflex also has access to EZ-Lab Data Management software interfaces. This software will store the results of each test, and automatically graph it upon test completion. Genflex can then email or share a .PDF or spreadsheet file with your co-packer. All parties will then have the information needed to make sure your product looks as great as possible on store shelves.

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