December 5th, 2016

Genflex is equipped with the Esko CDI Spark 4835, which images digital flexo plates up to 48 inches by 35 inches (1200 mm by 900 mm).

This Cyrel Digital Imager creates plates necessary to print the small- and medium-volume label that enables your product to stand out in stores and on shelves.

With the Esko CDI’s integrated, digitally controlled, ultraviolet diode array, the UV Main Exposure stops being an analog process, and becomes a precise and digitally controlled process. This allows Genflex to eliminate an extra step in the workflow: the UV Main Exposure is done inline, after the imaging of the flexo plate, and does not need any intervention from an operator.

The CDI Spark 4835 can accommodate all plate and sleeve sizes, and any brand of plate or processing method. The CDI seamlessly integrates with Esko’s packaging workflow, or can work with any third-party workflow system.

These workflow tools, combined with the unique features of the CDI, offer fast plate throughput along with great reliability. Esko CDI users generally report a 20 percent cost reduction in their platemaking once they make the switch. As a result of these reductions, Genflex is able to pass these savings on to its customers.

Below you’ll find a video that shows you just how the CDI works.

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