Pre-Stretched Stretch Film Stretches Your Endurance and Your Dollar

April 13th, 2017

Pre-Stretched Film-GPGSecuring your shipments on pallets is an essential step to delivering products to a customer or storing overstock. But manually stretch-wrapping a load – by hand, repeatedly – is a lot of tiring, exhausting work.

Pre-stretched film can remove a lot of manual labor out of the wrapping process. Pre-stretched film is stretched close to its breaking point before its wound onto rolls. This causes the film to need less stretching energy than traditional film, and provides the same amount of force.

Manufacturers such as AmTopp and Malpack create pre-stretched stretch film by stretching it between two rollers. The larger of the two rollers rotates faster than the other, causing the film to stretch. This makes the rolls about two-thirds lighter and easier to handle, and with such little torque involved, users are able to wrap a pallet by walking forward, not backward. This reduces accidents and user error.

Pre-stretched film can cost anywhere from 25 to 40 percent that of traditional stretch film. It also has rolled edges and air blown into the roll to support the middle of the roll. Because of this, it’s nearly impossible to damage the edge of the roll if it’s dropped.

Because pre-stretched film requires such little force to apply, it naturally tightens after it is applied to pallets.

Some of the other benefits of pre-stretched stretch film include continued performance in extreme cold, good film clarity, no width reduction during the tensioning process so the number of wraps required is reduced, and better film cling.

Looking for cases of pre-stretched stretch film at an affordable cost, with quick turnaround? GPG has you—and your shipments—covered; call 404-361-5500 today to learn more.

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