Facility Maintenance


Caring for your facility and the members of your team in it is critically important to the well-being of both. Providing your team members and facility guests with the highest quality personal hygiene items at a competitive price is not only important to their health and safety, but also the presentation of your company’s value and image to your guests. It’s equally important that these products are also of a sustainable nature. Let our team support your team and facility with the very best options, a competitive price and the expertise to do the job right.


As a Kimberly Clark, Georgia Pacific, Atlas, GOJO, Rochester Midland and Aero distributor, we offer the finest-quality, most innovative products available. The quality of brands such as Kleenex, enMotion and Purell make an impression not only for your team members, but the image of your business as well.

Need to clean your facility? Choosing the most sustainable products possible ensures your teams’ and guests’ safety. Choosing the most effective products improves efficiencies and minimizes costs. GPG and our chemical suppliers, Rochester Midland and Aero, deliver both.

Facility fixtures like desk-side waste baskets, outdoor trash cans, welcome mats, smoking stands, courtyard benches and equipment carts are all part of the extra value and expertise we provide.

Our Health & Hygiene programs provide sanitizer dispensers, sanitizing wipes and disinfectant wipes for break room or childcare surfaces, all adding that extra level of protection.

“Our sales rep drove supplies over in his car when we ran out of product because we forgot to order.”

Sandy – Property Manager in Atlanta