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Together, GPG and Genflex have the unique ability to support your supply chain as an integrated supplier. We do so by promoting your brand, protecting your products and providing your associates and property with solutions that are efficient, cost effective, and sustainable.

Proven technology

From printing and labeling, to packaging products and equipment, to facility maintenance products and processes, we employ tested, state-of-the-art technology recognized by the industry as having the highest standards of efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

Collaborative approach

From our first meeting through every step of the process and beyond, we work with you, providing insights and solutions, and ensuring that you are completely satisfied.

Industry expertise

We combine more than 400 years of experience with some of the best minds in the industry to provide the kind of expert advice and management that gets results.


Our unique combination of industry-leading technology, goal-driven collaboration, and depth of knowledge have made us the go-to leader in the Southeast. Let us put it all together for you.

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success stories

National Poultry Processor needed to reduce expenses and vendor base while improving efficiency

This customer was a family of acquisitions with many different vendors, products and processes. The customer believed they could better leverage their size and spend by developing a corporate program administrated centrally. Capitalizing upon a strong customer relationship, extensive facility site knowledge, training and corporate support, GPG developed a dynamic solution proposal and was awarded a multi-year contract for all facilities. By reducing their vendor base GPG has consolidated account payables transactions and accomplished significant SKU regionalization resulting in both financial and employee labor savings.

  • Vendors reduced from 47 to 1
  • Consolidated Account Payables transactions delivering labor savings and improved efficiency
  • SKU renationalization resulted in reduced shipping costs and improved cost structures

Nationwide Motor Freight Carrier needed to reduce expenses

The customer was spending nearly $1 million on a single product to reduce damage and protect product integrity of the freight they were transporting. GPG developed a dynamic solution, changing the product they were using, resulting in a reduction of more than 14% of the product purchased, while also creating a recyclability option that improved their sustainability goals.

  • Greater than $200,000 dollars in savings and more than 20% in expenses
  • 14% reduction in product purchases
  • Improved sustainability and product reuse

A global Air Carrier wanted to improve their image and the perceived value they delivered to their customer

The Air transportation business has for many years been a very difficult business where cost cutting was the first priority just to remain competitive and hope to post a profit. Recently that has changed and in turn the focus has become providing the highest quality experience possible for their passengers and employees. This is not an easy task when you consider weight, packaging, on board septic systems and especially dispenser restrictions. GPG called upon their vendor partner to develop a product specific to this industry that created a higher value experience for their customer, a competitive cost advantage for our customer.

  • New product development
  • Higher value experience delivered
  • Strengthened partnership for the future

A national Chemical Manufacturer needed to improve their efficiency and create a better cost structure

The manufacturer packaged products in bottles, jugs, cans, buckets, totes, aerosol cans and many others, with labeling accomplished by pressure sensitive paper and film, unsupported paper and film, and an in-house silk screening operation. The silk screened bottles were to handle the smaller quantity orders. This was incredibly labor intensive and expensive, however because it was an in-house operation they could react quickly and meet 3 day shipping expectations for their customers. By partnering together GPG was able to build an order, production, and delivery program that not only allowed the customer to reduce a significant labor expense, but provided better accounting for the costs associated with their production and maintained their shipping schedules.

  • Reduced Customer’s labor expense
  • Improved Job Costing
  • Maintained incredible production and shipping schedules

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