Color, Labels, Packaging Materials, and Marketing: A Closer Look

September 26th, 2023


Color Grabs Attention, Evokes Emotions, and Communicates Brand Identity


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 Atlanta, GA – September 26, 2023 – Color is one of the most crucial elements of label and product packaging. This is true in virtually all industries – hotel/hospitality, cosmetics, healthcare, distribution, jansan, and education.

It is often the first thing consumers notice when shopping, and it can significantly impact their purchasing decisions.  Further, this applies to B2C as well as B2B consumers. Studies have shown that up to 85 percent of shoppers say that color is a primary reason they purchased a specific product.

So, why does color make such an impact?

According to Kevin Florence, President, and CEO of GENflex Labeling Solutions, a 90-year-old packaging and labeling company based in Atlanta, among the reasons for this are the following:

  • Color grabs attention: Bright and bold colors can be used to make products stand out on crowded shelves.
  • Color evokes emotions: Assorted colors have different psychological associations, so brands can use color to create a desired mood or feeling in consumers.
  • Color communicates brand identity: Color can create a consistent and recognizable visual identity for a brand.

“This last point is crucial,” adds Florence. “one goal when packaging and labeling products is to get it instantly recognizable to consumers and end-customers.”

Further, Florence advises manufacturers to think about the color preferences of their consumers and end-customers, as well as the colors used by their main competitors. He says that manufacturers can choose colors that complement or contrast with their competitors’ colors, depending on their marketing strategy.

So, What Colors Say Want?

Here are colors commonly used for labeling and packaging colors that most influence purchasing decisions:

Red. Typically conveys strength.

Orange. Orange is used for products designed for younger consumers.

Yellow. Frequently applied to products used in the morning.

Green. Green has come to symbolize promoting health and the environment.

Purple. This color suggests nobility, royalty, exotic, or luxury.

White. White often indicates that a product is pure; that’s why soap manufacturers often use white labels.

Adds Florence, all of this tells us there is more to designing labels and packaging than may initially meet the eye. “This is why the more experienced and technically savvy the label manufacturer you work with, the more effective selling the product will be.”

However, he also has one caution.

“Be aware that colors have different meanings in various parts of the world. Again, an astute label/package designer should be aware of this and provide guidance.”



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