GENflex Labeling Solutions Releases it’s 2024 Predictions for the Labeling Industry

January 6th, 2024

GEMfelx Labeling Solutions

The Labeling Industry is Growing,

Labels are Getting Smarter, and Much More Interactive

The labeling industry is undergoing exciting changes in 2024. According to GENflex Labeling Solutions, a leading manufacturer of labels here’s what we can expect from the industry this year:

Growth. The industry is growing at 4 percent annually. Smithers, a market research company, estimates that the global label market was worth $39 billion in 2018. In 2024, that will top $40 billion.

Eco-friendly Materials. The labeling industry is becoming more conscious of its environmental impact and is adopting more sustainable practices and materials. Labels will be made from more recycled or biodegradable materials and will have better durability and performance. The industry will also aim to reduce waste and energy consumption in the production process.

Interactivity. Labels will provide basic information about a product, and in 2024, expect more of them to have interactive features such as QR codes that will enable consumers to access more information about a product and its usage. These features will enhance the consumer experience and improve customer loyalty.

Smart Labels. Labels will become smarter in 2024. They will be able to communicate with manufacturers and distributors throughout the supply chain. This will be accomplished using technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This technology will help monitor product location and provide real-time data. It will also improve efficiency, quality, and the safety of products.

System Integration. With the evolution of smart labels, labels will increasingly integrate with various systems, such as inventory management, warehouse automation, and e-commerce platforms. This will improve the distribution of products and make data available across the supply chain.

Digital Printing. Digital printing offers many advantages over conventional printing methods, such as faster turnaround time, lower cost, higher quality, and customization. Digital printing will become more popular and accessible in 2024 as the demand for personalization of product labels increases.

“In 2024, we can expect many changes in the labeling industry,” says Kevin Florence, President and CEO of General Paper Goods Company and GENflex Labeling Solutions.

“But one thing that is not expected to change is the sales power of well-designed and high-quality labels. Labels sell products, and this has been one of their main purposes since the beginning.”


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