How RFID Labels Benefits Manufacturers

January 25th, 2024


A major trade publication asked label manufacturers around the globe what they believe will be one of the most significant advances in the labeling industry in 2024. Paraphrased below are their responses:

  • We remain optimistic for a strong 2024 and are using the coming year to focus on three main priorities: improving the customer experience, advancing sustainability practices, and helping implement RFID technology.
  • We will focus on connectivity using QR (Quick Response codes) or RFID tags. They add features and functionalities that enhance product compliance. They also provide real-time access to online information and product manuals.
  • Regarding label innovation, RFID technology continues to be an exciting area. Integrating RFID into labels will increase consumer engagement and provide interactive experiences.
  • Connectivity using QR or RFID tags adds features and functionality that enhance product compliance. Brands can leverage interaction opportunities for increased consumer engagement and brand loyalty.

As you can see, all the responses reference RFID or “radio frequency identification.” This is a communication technology now revolutionizing the labeling industry. RFID labels can store and transmit data, track inventory, and improve efficiency. However, many manufacturers do not know what RFID is, how it works, or how it could benefit them. Some may have never even heard of it.

That’s why GENflex Labeling Solutions is here – to explain the basics of RFID and its benefits for manufacturers.

Radio frequency identification technology was invented in the 1940s and patented in 1983. It uses electromagnetic fields, or tags, to identify and track items, transmitting that information to an RFID reader. It is like a barcode but with several advantages.

For instance, unlike barcodes, which require light to be read and can only provide information about a single item at a time, RFID electronic readers can decode multiple tags simultaneously and do not need light or a direct line of sight between the electronic reader and the label. What’s more, the system can scan many products at one time.

RFID also helps manufacturers:

  • Store much more data.
  • Track products in transport.
  • Adapt to most types of environmental conditions.
  • Improve accuracy.
  • Avoid stockouts.
  • Integrate more easily with other data and software systems.

In addition to these benefits, RFID can help manufacturers and retailers in several more ways:

  • RFID labels offer high-speed scanning, significantly reducing time spent on inventory management.
  • These labels are fully accurate, reducing errors when tracking and storing products.
  • RFID helps foster more efficient communication between retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to help improve inventory management and prevent inventory shortages.
  • They help monitor product quality at each production stage, allowing for early detection and correction of defects. This reduces waste and rework, leading to higher-quality output.
  • Help automate the production line, reducing manual intervention and increasing production speed.
  • These labels can direct consumers to external links – even voice messages – from the manufacturer about exclusive deals, coupons, guidance on using the product, and the most up-to-date regulatory information.
  • RFID labels can be used as a theft deterrent by integrating with alarm systems and triggering alarms when a product is stolen.

As we can see, RFID labels have many benefits for manufacturers and retailers, but caution is necessary. This technology is still relatively new to the labeling industry, making it essential to find a manufacturer that knows how to use it and what advantages it can offer you.

GENflex Labeling Solutions has provided expert guidance for its customers on new labeling technologies such as RFID for over sixty years. GENflex helps manufacturers make more informed and cost-effective choices for all their labeling needs.

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