Industry Advisory | Label Accuracy Is Critical

November 15th, 2023

label accuracy

Label Accuracy Prevents Customer Dissatisfaction,

 Lawsuits and Saves Money

Atlanta – November 16, 2023 -— Virtually all manufacturers and marketers place labels on their products.  Labels identify brands, are crucial to effective marketing, include product and regulatory information, and influence end-user perceptions about a brand.

“In other words,” according to Kevin Florence, president and CEO of General Paper Goods Company and GENflex Labeling Solutions, “labels make a statement about your company and your products.”

However, label accuracy is crucial. Some examples of label inaccuracy include the following:

  • Stating a product contains “all-natural” ingredients when it has artificial ingredients.
  • The “sell by” or “use by” information on a food product label is incorrect.
  • A product is labeled as something it is not, such as “genuine leather” for synthetic.
  • The label does not include regulatory information or required warnings.
  • Consumers later discover that some ingredients in the product are not listed.
  • The label has typos, misspellings, or grammar issues that can mislead purchasers.

In 2121, a meat and poultry manufacturer labeled their turkeys as containing “no antibiotics” or “chemical disinfectants.” However, an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, found the turkeys “are mass-produced in crowded sheds, contaminated with antibiotic-resistant pathogens… and bathed in chemical disinfectants.” *

So, how can organizations make sure their product labels are accurate?

Florence recommends the following:

Print the labels last. This allows extra time to double-check label accuracy.

Communicate. Ensure all parties are clear about what will be listed on the label before label production begins.

Work with an established label manufacturer. An experienced label manufacturer typically knows what information should be included on a product label. A new label manufacturer may not be aware of all requirements.

Cloud-based proofing. At least one label manufacturer provides clients with a cloud-based proofing system. This allows organizations to preview labels, make edits, or amend labels at home or office before production.

“The takeaway is that labels play a pivotal role in promoting a product or service,” says Florence. “But for them to be most effective, they must be accurate. This allows end-customers to make informed decisions.”


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*  Why Lawsuits Over ‘Misleading’ Food Labels Are Surging – The New York Times (