NEWS: New Product Introductions Need Sales Winning Labels

March 1st, 2024


Well-designed labels grab the consumer’s eye,
foster trust, and, with trust, sales.

Did you know that 30,000 new products are introduced in the U.S. each year? But did you also know that only about 2,000 of these new products succeed?

According to Professor Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School, this happens to all types of companies, big and small.

For instance:

  • The Google Glassproject received millions in investments but quickly disappeared from view.
  • New Coke, launched in 1985, fell flat soon after introduction.

Kevin Florence, CEO and President of GENflex Labeling Solutions, a leading manufacturer of product labels, believes one of the reasons for these failures is that not enough attention was paid to the planning, design, and look of the product labels on these new products.

Manufacturers in all industries must realize that labels “serve as the bridge between products and consumers,” adds Florence. “Well-designed, they grab the consumer’s eye, increase interest, foster trust, and with trust, sales.”

To better understand this and how they can help market new products, Florence offers the following tips:

Product Labels Should Never Be an Afterthought

The label’s look, design, colors, script, font, and size must be planned weeks before product introduction. Remember: labels are information carriers; consumers learn about products by reading labels, making them crucial for consumers and manufacturers.

Components of Labels

Labels have several components, all working together to convey product information. These include product name, brand logo, barcode, ingredients, usage instructions, and safety warnings. A well-designed label prioritizes these elements based on their relevance to the consumer. The consumer always comes first.

Consumer Purchasing Decisions.

Consumers rely on labels to make informed purchasing decisions. This is especially true with new products. Effective labeling enhances customer confidence in a new product.

Designing Sales-Winning Labels

Sales-winning labels take time and involve thoughtful design. Manufacturers should incorporate visually appealing elements into their labels. There should also be consistency in label design for all products, new and old. This fosters brand recognition.

Investing in a Quality Label Manufacturer

View a label manufacturer as an investment, certainly not an expense. Select a label manufacturer based on years in business, experience, and reliability. Doing so improves the chances your label and your product will be a sales success.




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