Three Ways Labels Tell Your Brand’s Story Emotionally

February 25th, 2024


One of the most critical aspects of your marketing strategy is how to use labels to communicate with your customers. Labels are not just for providing information but also for creating an emotional connection and a memorable impression of your brand and its products.


One of the best ways to begin this strategy is with labels. Here are three ways you can use labels to share your story, influence customer choices, and boost sales.


1. Explain Who You Are 

Let’s use an example. The Hershey Company launched its brand 130 years ago, emphasizing “goodness.” They produced high-quality chocolates at affordable prices, shared information about the company on their labels, and used the term “goodness” to emotionally connect with customers.


2. Explain Your Company’s Purpose 

Purpose-driven brands have become increasingly crucial in today’s business environment. As per the 2020 Zeno Strength of Purpose Study, companies prioritizing a strong purpose are more likely to succeed in terms of reputation, brand loyalty, and financial outcomes. This means they establish an emotional link with consumers and usually convey their company’s purpose through product labels.


3. Color Psychology

Color psychology also helps brands connect emotionally with a brand. Color plays a significant role in marketing and branding, impacting consumers’ first impressions of a brand, influencing how consumers make purchasing decisions, building brand awareness, and making purchasing decisions. 


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