VIDEO: The Importance of Labels

October 4th, 2023


Why Is Product Labeling So Important?

Product labeling is a crucial factor affecting how consumers choose between your products and your competitors. Therefore, manufacturers should spend time finding a reliable labeling manufacturer who can produce high-quality product labels, which will help them gain a competitive edge in the market.

The labels should contain all the necessary information about the products, such as:

  • What they are made of or what ingredients they contain.
  • Any safety warnings or precautions.
  • Where they come from, and who made or distributed them.
  • Any relevant regulations or standards they comply with.
  • Any numbers that can identify or track them.
  • Correct bar codes.

Further, realize that different products may have different labeling requirements. For example, in an earlier blog post (Link Here) we mentioned electronics and food products may need specific kinds of labels.

Creating Effective Labels

In case you are wondering what an “effective” product label is, Genfex defines it in four words:

Effective Labels Sell Products

They don’t have any of the mistakes we just discussed. Instead, they accurately describe your product; comply with all regulations; and are attractive, easy to read, and grab the consumer’s attention.

Effective product labels also include the following:

They are professionally designed. Always work with a professional designer using the latest techniques, software, and technology to make your labels. An experienced label manufacturer such as Genflex may have several designers on their team.

Incorporate company branding elements. This includes your logo, company colors, and commonly used design elements. Branding helps consumers identify your product.

Are correctly sized and shaped for your products. Be willing to experiment with different shapes and sizes. Very often, one shape and size result in more sales. That’s the one you want.

The labels are made with suitable materials for your product. Do you want them to have a shiny or matte finish? Should they be water resistant/waterproof? Do you want the contents of the product visible through the label?

A Closer Look at Color

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of using colors and color combinations that are pleasant to look at and complementary. But here’s something else you should know: Colors talk. They give a brand or product a personality.

Here are some of the common colors that can say a lot about your product:

Red. A red label typically conveys strength.

Orange. This color is often used for products designed for younger consumers.

Yellow. Consider yellow for a product frequently used in the morning. It says, “Good morning,” and it’s happy and friendly.

Green. Green labels have come to symbolize health, promote health, or are eco-friendly products.

Purple. With the aid of photography and contact lenses, Elizabeth Talyor’s blue eyes always looked purple. She liked purple because the color says “royal” and “luxurious.” It says the same on product labels.

White. The color white is often used to suggest that a product is pure. Many soaps use white labels.

All of this tells us there is more to making labels than may initially meet the eye. The more experienced and technically savvy the label manufacturer you work with, the more effective at selling the product will be.

Genflex Labeling Solutions delivers labeling solutions for your brand and your products. Learn more about how we can help you succeed here.

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