What Makes a Good Label?

November 30th, 2023


A label is a powerful tool that conveys a message. It represents the essence of a company and the products it produces. Recently, an acquaintance of mine witnessed the impact of labels firsthand.

A craft brewery displayed its many beers at a wine and spirits trade show. Staffing the booth were young, energetic men and women dressed in the relaxed styles of today. Their bright yellow beer labels featured bold designs intended to attract youthful consumers.

Right next to them was a booth with a completely different vibe. This company marketed fine wines from California and France and sold various types of caviar. Most of the staff were dressed in suits and ties. Their product labels were designed without images but instead with a few elegantly written words on a subtle, stately gold background.

There was no question which label belonged to which company. In both cases, these labels reflected the company behind the product and the intended customer.

So, once again, we are reminded that a good label and the right design tells consumers about the product and help market it. 

These are just a few characteristics of a good label. Here are four more:

Label Colors

Businesses often use the psychology of color to influence consumer behavior. A 2022 WebMD article explains that color strongly connects emotions and behaviors and is critical in helping consumers make informed purchasing decisions. Since a product label’s color is the first thing that catches a consumer’s eye, it can either attract customers or push them away, to look for another brand.


Labels with images can quickly encourage the consumer to buy a product. For example, if a young man sees a running shoe label with the image of the fastest runner in the race, he may be more inclined to purchase those shoes.

Brand Messages

L’Oréal came up with their brand message, “Because you’re worth it,” in 1971. The slogan is so iconic that it’s unlikely you’ll find a woman who hasn’t heard of it and possibly has purchased a L’Oreal product precisely because of that brand message. Many brands change their messages after a few years, but L’Oréal has never considered changing theirs. This message has sold millions of products. So why change it?


Once attracted to a product label, the label must be readable. In this age of transparency, a hard-to-read label might make a consumer reluctant to purchase a product. But that does not mean all font sizes need to be the same. Select them by hierarchy — larger fonts for the most important messages, smaller ones for the less important ones. 

Art or Science? 

Now that we know more about the power of labels, it’s time to ask: Is designing such a label an art or science? 

Both are probably true. An experienced, well-established label manufacturer knows this and knows how to mix the art of labeling with the science of design. 

Remember, labels make a statement. A good label can help market your products.

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