Why Manufacturers Need Smart Labels

February 23rd, 2024


Smart Labels are a digital disclosure tool that allows purchasers using their smartphones to access more detailed product information than can fit on a traditional label. It offers real-time data for various products, equipment, food, beverages, and thousands of other products.

So, we see how they can help the consumer.  But how can they help manufacturers? Among them are the following:

Enhanced Transparency and Trust: With greater transparency, these labels help manufacturers create relationships with purchasers and build trust.

Marketing Edge. While many consumer companies are adopting smart labels, it is not evolving as fast in the B2B market. This means those adopting smart labels now will be ahead of their competitors.

Interactive Experience. Smart labels allow purchasers to have an interactive experience with purchasers. This fosters brand loyalty and positive associations with your company.

Educate Purchasers. The platform allows manufacturers to educate purchasers about the company, their product’s origin, the company’s sustainability efforts, and other topics they might not otherwise know.

Marketing Insights. Manufacturers can gather valuable insights into customer preferences. This data helps manufacturers develop future products and marketing strategies and, once again, stay ahead of the curve and tailor their offerings to meet evolving demands.

Position Itself as a Leader. By embracing Smart labels now, manufacturers can position themselves as a leader in innovation and transparency in their industry.

Cost Savings. Smart labels can prove to be a cost savings. They can reduce the need for printed materials like packaging inserts and product information, streamlining production and packaging processes.

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