Ask the GENflex Expert: What’s in a Label?

March 17th, 2024


We see approximately 5,000 labels daily across various mediums, such as advertisements, billboards, clothing, containers, and logos.

However, it’s not just about seeing labels. For marketers, understanding how they are made and their components is crucial for effective marketing and branding.

To answer the question, What’s in a Label? Here’s what we need to know.

Labels typically consist of three layers:

1. The face stock, which displays text, images, and barcodes and bears the brand’s logo and product information.

2. The adhesive layer beneath the face stock. The adhesive layer ensures the label adheres to a product or package surface.

3. The topcoat is applied over the face stock. The topcoat enhances the label’s aesthetic with a glossy finish, fortifies against damage, and protects it against water resistance and scratch reduction.

These three elements, when expertly crafted and combined, serve three key purposes:

1.   Catch the customer’s eye.
2.   Elevate the product’s value.
3.   Help sell the product, plain and simple.

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