When Should You Change Your Product Labels?

March 17th, 2024


When clients with established brands contact GENflex for new or re-designed labels, one of our first questions is why?

We have found that these brands are strategically changing their labels for reasons such as the following:

Focusing on new markets. An established brand might want to change or supplement its focus, catering to a different age group, consumers in a new income level, or interests. The new labels help them tailor their products for these new consumers.

New lower charges. With today’s inflation, when a brand can reduce the charges for one of its products, it wants everyone to know about it. The first step to getting the new cost savings message out is often with the new labels. This helps them communicate the latest prices and saves them significant advertising and public relations costs.

They’ve become “stretchy.” Many brands want to stretch into other markets. For example, a household cleaning brand sold to consumers in grocery stores might explore selling its products in the professional cleaning sector. This strategic move often involves a fresh label design to mark the brand’s entry into a new market.

New branding. If an established organization has decided to rebrand itself, then, of course, its labels must reflect this. This happened to tobacco maker Phillip Morris. Their marketing experts suggested they change their brand name – and product labels – to Altria Group | Moving Beyond Smoking.

Announcements. A perfect example is when a product has changed its ingredients and is now made with less salt and sugar or has won a distinguished award. In the past, these announcements were made with advertising or public relations. Today, they turn to labels. It gets the message out and at a significant cost savings.

Typically, established brands should only abandon their traditional labels with good reason. However, as we have pointed out here, there can be good reasons to do so.

To ensure a seamless transition, partnering with an experienced label manufacturer like GENflex is crucial.

With over 60 years of industry-leading expertise, we’ve handled situations like this, providing clients with the confidence that their label change will succeed.

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